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Transport Institutional Development

Transport Institutions are globally to developed to support transport policies and strategies across all transport modes. They assist with policies, legal and regulatory framework with focus on transportation across all modes (Rail, Air, Water and Road).

The successful implementation of any transport policy is highly dependent on the effectiveness of its transport institutions that drive the policies; hence, the need for its establishment.

Service Areas:

At Planet Projects Limited, we offer a top-notch service in the process of transport policy formulation and setting of appropriate regulatory/enforcement agencies to implement the transport policies across all modes of public transport.

The services render are as follows;

  1. Development of legal framework
  2. Organisational Development
  3. Development of Tailor-Made Operational Manual
  4. Staffing requirement and recruitment
  5. Training and capacity development
  6. Procurement of equipment
  7. Monitoring and evaluation
  8. Data Collection and Review
  9. Inventory of Transport Infrastructures
  10. Development of Sustainability Strategy (including financials)
  11. Post Implementation Study

 Our Experience:

  1. Development of Operational Framework for Rivers State Traffic Management Agency (TIMARIV).
  2. Consultancy services for the establishment of Transport Planning Units (TPUs) on Lagos Island, Kosofe and Ikorodu Local Government Areas (LGAs): Lagos State Urban Transport Project
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