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Traffic Systems Management (TSM) Measures

The Traffic Systems Management (TSM) approach to congestion mitigation seeks to identify improvements to enhance the capacity of existing transport system through better management and operation of the transportation facilities.

These techniques are designed to improve traffic flow, air quality, and movement of vehicles and goods as well as enhance system accessibility and safety.

Traffic system management strategies are low-cost but effective in nature. These include, but are not limited to Intersection and Signal improvements; Freeway bottleneck removal programmes; Data collection to monitor system performance; and Special events management strategies.

Our Traffic System Management solutions cater to proper planning, monitoring and control of traffic congestion to maximise the effectiveness of the use of existing infrastructure, ensure reliable/safe operation of transport, address environmental goals, and ensure fair allocation of infrastructure space (road space, rail slots, etc.) among competing users.

Our Services:

  1. Junction Improvement Works
  2. Traffic Road Marking
  3. Junction Signalisation and Optimisation
  4. Vehicle Detectors Installation
  5. Signage and Lighting

Our Experience:

  1. Installation of Traffic Systems Management (TSM) and Safety Measures, Construction of Bus Lane and Rehabilitation of Oja-Oba Pedestrian Bridge along Oba Adesida/Oyemekun Road Corridor, in Akure, Ondo State
  2. Design and Installation of Solar Traffic Signals at Junctions in Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  3. Installation of Traffic Signals at Owena Roundabout, in Osun State
  4. TSM Measures for Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin, Ondo State

Owo Township Dualisation Project: Street lighting and Traffic System Management (TSM) Measures

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