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Water Transport Infrastructure Development: Jetties and Landings

Client: Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA)/Rindex Associates

Project Description:


Lagos State Government through LAMATA has embarked on the Identification and Scoping of Improvements to Landings, Jetties and Terminals towards facilitating improvements in Water Transport within the state.

The objective of this project was premised on the need of the State Government to harness its water transport potential and assist the low-income, riverine communities that rely heavily on water transport for their transportation
and livelihood needs.




The objective of the project is to embark on small improvements of water transport infrastructure for those communities heavily dependent on water transport by identifying appropriate and relevant jetties, landings and terminal in Lagos, selecting and justifying those jetties/landings/terminals and water/land interchanges requiring improvement, undertaking effective designs and preparing associated bidding documents needed for engaging contractors.

To achieve this objective, therefore, Rindex Associates/Planet Projects Limited (Sub-Consultant) were commissioned by LAMATA for the project.

Following the study, Agboyi-Ketu and Ijegun-Egba Jetties/interchanges were recommended for reconstruction/upgrading and improvements, with water transport facilities, including Jetties, Shoreline protection using sheet pile, Car park, Waiting shelter, Passenger landing stage, Bollards, Fenders, Guardrail,  etc.


 Services Offered:

Water Transport Infrastructure Development: Jetties and Landings (Planning, Engineering & Project Management)

 Specific services provided include the following: 

  • Data Collection and Review
  • Survey of all jetties, landings, and terminals in Lagos State, including data/information on ownership, type of construction, usage, condition, type of vessels/crafts used, method of use and any other data necessary for the assessment/evaluation of works to each jetty/landing; Estimate the population served by each facility
      • ·Evaluate the strategy;
      • The role of each jetty/landing/terminal with respect to its impact and effectiveness on the water transport network, and water/land interchanges opportunity and categorise jetty, landing and terminal facilities according to usage, strategic role (interchange potential), level of treatment/ improvement required; and recommend those with positive benefits and undertake design;
      • Condition Survey of recommended jetties/landings/terminals;
      • Detailed Engineering Design;
      • Preparation of Bill of Engineering Measurement and Estimate (BEME);
      • Preparation of associated bidding document;
      • Technical Supervision and Project management;
      • Production of construction and As-built Drawings;


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