We have executed many projects across all facets of public transport and infrastructure development, both locally and internationally.
These include the construction of Bus Terminals, Bus Depots, Bus shelters, and more. We have also ideated Engineering Designs, Transport Plans, Institutional Development Plans, Feasibility Studies, as well as Operations and Maintenance (O&M) strategies.

Lagos Traffic Safety Project

These new Illuminated Bollards seen in several parts of Lagos  are strategically placed so that approaching drivers can interpret the geometry of the road from a much greater distance giving them more time to adjust speed and position.

The height places the sign legend directly in the driver’s field of vision, encouraging drivers to keep focused on the road. This reduces driver hesitancy and indecision, besides improving traffic flow and safety.

Flexible, illuminated bollards are durable and safe, meaning that these road bollards can be placed wherever they are needed.

These Bollards are designed to provide enhanced driver warning over a wide temperature range in all weather conditions.

Carefully engineered soft lines and a specially developed durable polymer enable these illuminated road bollards to sustain repeated impacts without compromising integrity.

The 360 degree extended visibility of the internally illuminated bollards provides advanced warning of highway hazards, regardless of vehicle approach angle.

Illuminated Bollards Benefits:

  • High visibility - from any approach angle in all weather conditions.
  • Secondary illumination - reveals surrounding road geometry and nearby pedestrians to drivers.


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