We have executed many projects across all facets of public transport and infrastructure development, both locally and internationally.
These include the construction of Bus Terminals, Bus Depots, Bus shelters, and more. We have also ideated Engineering Designs, Transport Plans, Institutional Development Plans, Feasibility Studies, as well as Operations and Maintenance (O&M) strategies.

Lekki Ports Traffic Impact Assessment

The Lekki Port is a deep seaport project proposed to be developed along the Atlantic Coast of Lekki, Lagos State.

This strategic transport project, when completed, would attract huge traffic in and out of the seaport.

It was, therefore, expedient to conduct Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) studies to estimate the additional traffic that would arise from the construction and operations of the ports and determine the infrastructure requirements needed to adequately take care of the overall traffic volumes in the immediate, medium and long terms.

Subsequently, Planet Projects Limited was commissioned to identify the primary roads to be impacted by the port development, in order to estimate the additional traffic volumes and the impact of this traffic on existing roads. 

The company thereafter developed alternative transport solutions for evacuating the goods from the ports.

PPL conducted Traffic Surveys, Desk Studies, Traffic Modelling and Forecasting (Trip Generation, Assignment & Distribution) and proposed the mitigation plans and different development options.

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