We have executed many projects across all facets of public transport and infrastructure development, both locally and internationally.
These include the construction of Bus Terminals, Bus Depots, Bus shelters, and more. We have also ideated Engineering Designs, Transport Plans, Institutional Development Plans, Feasibility Studies, as well as Operations and Maintenance (O&M) strategies.

Lagos Strategic Transportation Master Plan (STMP)

LSTMP2Public transportation in Lagos was grossly inadequate to cater for the needs of the teeming population of over 22 million in the state. Services were overloaded, expensive, unreliable and passengers had to endure long travel times.

It later became necessary to define what the ideal transport system should be and the Strategic Transport Master Plan (STMP) was developed to serve as a guide for all existing and proposed developments.

Planet Projects Limited teamed up with ROM Transportation, Israel, in developing a Strategic Transportation Master Plan (STMP) for Lagos State.

PPL specifically provided services, including Bus Route Surveys, Public Transportation Survey/Modelling, Road Network Study, Advisory on Ferry Service Routes, Road Network, Potential Public Transport Corridor, Origin-Destination Surveys, Classified Traffic Count, Data Collection, Liaison with Government Agencies, Traffic Area Zoning, GIS Mapping, etc.

The Lagos Strategic Master Plan (STMP), which was concluded in 2008, has been the core guideline for the development of Public Transportation in Lagos, as it integrates all modes of transport (including Rail, Road, Air and Water).

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