Lokoja Bus Mega Terminal was adjudged the biggest bus terminal in West Africa with the capacity of retaining over 500 vehicles at a time.
It was constructed and commissioned with the aim of ensuring that transportation activities (inter-state, inter-city and intra-city) are conducted in a secure and conducive environment, without any adverse effect on traffic flow within Lokoja City.

Lokoja Mega Terminal

Bus parks in Lokoja, Kogi State Capital, had no facilities for passenger comfort or convenience (waiting areas, loading bays, rest rooms, etc.).

This posed safety and security risks to the commuting public. The parks were an eyesore with their activities spilling onto adjoining roads and causing traffic congestion around Lokoja.

To provide world-class transport facilities for the good people of Kogi State and ensure that transport activities could be conducted in a safe and secure environment, Planet Projects Limited was engaged under an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract to construct the Lokoja Mega Terminal.

PPL provided Engineering and Construction services, including Feasibility Studies, Transport & Traffic Studies, Transportation Master Plan, Topographic Surveys, Geotechnical Surveys, Conceptual & Detailed Designs and Construction of the Terminals in nine months to deliver the 500 bus-capacity Lokoja Mega Terminal.

Facilities at the terminal include Terminal Building, Food Court, ATM Gallery, Loading Bays, Security Posts, Gate Houses, Drivers' Lounge, Rest-rooms, Mechanical Workshop, Generator/Power House, and a lot more.

The terminal provides world-class transportation services to the residents and visitors to Lokoja, who would be able to conduct their transportation activities in a safe and secure environment with purpose-built infrastructure. The Terminal was completed in 2015.

Recently, Planet Projects was appointed to Operate and Maintain (O&M) the terminal, under a Management Contract.

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