Who we are

We are a leading transport solutions company with a mission to create and deliver functional transport infrastructures that connect people and businesses to their dreams.

Our Story

Mayor of Bogota

Planet Projects Limited (PPL) provides expertise in Traffic Engineering, Urban Renewal and Infrastructure Development across all transport modes including Roads/Bridges, Bus/BRT, Rail, Airports, Water Transport, Traffic Engineering Designs, Construction, as well as Operations and Management (O&M).

PPL evolved from being a transport consulting company to a one-stop transport solutions company providing services across project identification, consulting, planning, designing, and execution.

Today, PPL has emerged as one of the leading and fastest-growing construction companies in Nigeria, having successfully executed major engineering projects across Lagos, Delta, Rivers, Ondo and Kogi States among others.

Our project portfolio is wide, ranging from roads, bridges, bus terminals, junction improvement works to traffic engineering schemes and more.

PPL's ability to develop functional transport solutions is inspired by the need to create lasting solutions to public transport challenges in Nigeria and Africa. These challenges include congestion problems arising from lack of efficient public transport system, poor traffic enforcement regime, fragmented, unreliable and poor-quality bus service, unpredictable fare regime, indiscriminate parking, lack of pedestrian walkways and haphazard project execution.

Our ability to critically analyse these transport problems and offer holistic, innovative, tailor-made and integrated Public Transport solutions distinguishes us in the emerging public transport sector in Africa.

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